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Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (GSCE)

Purposeful Development Ways, Career Raise and Obtained Ways

- Represent and protect interests of the Society in governmental authorities, international and foreign public organizations;

- Do initiative in governmental authorities to make offers related to various public affairs for improvement of society’s life;

- Conduct relevant organizational, technical and other events related to the Society basic goals and directives implementation;

- Carry out publishing, informative and advertisement activities; promote advanced experience and achievements in the investing and building field;

- Organize contests, arrange exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, participate in international markets, exhibitions and congresses;

- Members of the Society to participate in appropriate foreign programs, projects development as well as to act as trainees and share experience in foreign building, design firms and public organizations; develop joint programs with foreign partners. make projects expertise, solve tasks, conforming to interests of the Society;

- Establish offices, primary organizations, branches and representations in Georgian regions and abroad as well as create various funds according to Statutes of the Society;

- Incorporate economical and enterprising organizations, including joint enterprises with foreign firms and organizations;

- Make offers to relevant bodies related to honorary degree assigning in the building field to members of the Society.

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