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Georgian Society of Civil Engineers (GSCE) is an official member of European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE). The membership was officially adopted on ECCE 54th General Assembly held in Antalya, Turkey on 28th -29th October 2011 as a result of unanimous voting by European leading professional organizations presented at the meeting.

ECCE was founded in 1985 by professional European organizations of civil engineers aiming to assist EU countries in environment protection and construction issues.

Aims and goals of ECCE

European Union

  • Promote the highest technical and ethical standards.
  • Provide a source of impartial advice.
  • Promote co-operation with other pan-European organizations in the Construction Industry.

National Governments and Institutions

  • Advise and influence individual governments and professional institutions.
  • Formulate standards and achieve a mutual compatibility of different regulations controlling the profession.
  • Formulate standards for a European Code of Conduct of the Civil Engineering Profession and disciplinary procedures applicable throughout the Union.

Profession, Related Organizations and Industry

  • Formulate guidelines to maintain and raise standards of civil engineering education, training and professionals competence.
  • Assist in achieving mutual compatibility of Euro codes, standards and regulations in the related industry.
  • Encourage and improve levels of safety and quality in the industry.


Pursuant to the ECCE Articles of Association, an organization may be adopted as an ECCE member only at an ECCE Assembly held once per six months and in case of receiving two-third of votes by member organizations. Only one national professional organization can be presented by each EU country.

At this moment ECCE includes professional organizations from 25 leading European states.

Official adoption of GSCE as an ECCE member is a great honor for us and we hope  our cooperation will enable GSCE to implement European standards in compliance with construction requirements and norms exercised in Georgia.

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